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Linux Features

In our effort to provide a cross-platform library we have made a conscious effort to support Linux. We know that one the appeals of developing in C++ is its portable nature. We wanted to provide a comprehensive toolset for our developers building applications that run on both Linux and Windows. In this first release you will get many of the same features supported on Windows:
  • Asynchronous Stream : A full set of streams that are built upon a cross-platform version of PPL (known as PPLx).
  • JSON : Full capability to create, access, parse and serialize JSON values.
  • URI and URI builder : Fully supported.
  • HTTP Client: We wanted to ensure that we were able to provide the basic features of the HTTP Client to our Linux customers as soon as possible. This includes the ability to create an instance of http_client, send and receive HTTP messages with asynchronous streams. Future work for the HTTP Client will include:
    • Proxy support
    • Authentication

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