C++ REST SDK 2.7.0

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Updated: Nov 5, 2015 by kavyako
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Release Notes

  • Merged pull request allowing through CMake to use an external version of Websocket++. #294
  • Fixed potential AV with the Windows Runtime websocket client, if the task returned from the close function wasn't waited to complete before running the destructor.
  • Merged pull request fixing potential AV with the Windows Runtime websocket_client, if the destructor was run without the user waiting on the task returned from connect to complete. Technically users should always make sure to wait for the connection to succeed or fail, this just helps incase that wasn't done.
  • Merged pull request for Adding proxy support for tokenfromcode and tokenfromrefresh methods.
  • Merged pull request adding support for timeouts down to the microsecond level. Please note not all platforms support this fine granularity, some only down to milliseconds.
  • Fixed issue where Boost.Asio based http_client incorrectly used the httpclientconfig timeout setting for determining how long to keep around connections in the pool before closing.

  • Fixed bug with Boost.Asio based http_listener where the incoming request body stream write head wasn't closed. #325
  • Merged pull request to enable https listener and client ca

  • Updated uri_builder::append_query API that operators on a provided key and value to percent encode the '&', ';', '=' characters to avoid any confusion. #396

  • Fixed issue with utf16_to_utf8 utility function when encoding certain surrogate pairs. #392
  • Merged a couple of pull requests (here, here, and here) fixing several issues with arm64. #312, #291
  • Merged pull request fixing double include issues when building with CMake.
  • Merged pull request fixing cast issue on FreeBSD.
  • Removed unnecessary heap allocation and cleaned up a bit the scopedcthreadlocale::clocale() implementation.

  • Removed some unnecessary _MSC_VER macro checks as Visual Studio 2012 is no longer supported.
  • Fixed several incorrect assumptions of thread safe function local static initialization with Visual Studio 2013. #391
  • Updated OpenSSL dependency to version 1.0.2d. #398

  • Removed unused files for building libiconv from Build_android folder.
  • Fixed the NuGet Package issue for Android on VS2015, #400

  • Added .gitignore to the Build_iOS folder to ignore the downloaded build dependencies. #373