How to use in CPPRest SDK in Cross Platform Shared Library Project, Visual Studio 2015.

Oct 21, 2016 at 12:06 PM
I need to to create Cross Platform Shared Library in Visual Studio 2015, it will serve as the common codebase for both iOS and android apps which i'll be building using this library. I've been able to successfully use CPPRest SDK in an empty project in Visual Studio via Nuget Package Manager but when i create a Shared Lib project and install CPPRest SDK via Nuget, it does not allow me to use it. (Doesn't let me include header, specifically).

I believe I'll have to build CPPRest SDK for iOS and Android separately and then place them in their respective directories in the project but I'm not sure how will it work exactly as building for iOS contains inclusion for native iOS libraries also, how will they be placed in Visual Studio.

Can anyone please help ? Has anyone done similar kind of thing ?