using Netbeans for debugging and source control

Apr 17, 2014 at 10:59 PM
I was able to get a pretty cool IDE environment going on Linux using Netbeans 8.0 (C++)
  • Assumes that you have a Casablanca enlistment and debug build
  • Install netbeans
  • create new project from existing code
  • Select the casablanca/Release folder
This will pick up all your cmake environment. And you will have integrated source control.

To debug, you can start with the test_runner program that comes with the enlistment. Press the debug icon. You will be prompted for an "executable" as the process to debug. You want to select "test_runner". Then you will need to go to the project's properties (e.g. right click on Release in the project pane) and in the Run entry: "${OUTPUT_PATH}" Make sure that you set the working folder to the same as where test_runner is located: e.g. casablanca/Release/build.release/Binaries

Now you can set break points in say json_numbers_tests.cpp.

The source control is straight foward, each source file has either a source or history view.

For more info and help on downloading and using netbeans, to to

Hope this works for you