extract_utf16string doesn't return the whole body

void test_pageGetUTF8(std::wstring url){ http_client client(url); auto query = uri_builder().append_query(L"q", L"test").to_string(); client.request(methods::GET, query) .then([](http_response ...

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wrong using swscanf_s

You are using for example: src\utilities\asyncrt_utils.cpp: SYSTEMTIME sysTime = { 0 }; const wchar_t * formatString = L"%4d-%2d-%2dT%2d:%2d:%2dZ"; auto n = swscanf_s(input.c_str()...

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VS 2010 BingRequest sample links cpprest110d_1_2.lib

For Debug, should be cpprest100d_1_2.lib See CppRest.props. Other demos probably have the same problem

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json::value::parse fails with BOM (byte order mark)

Hello, I noticed that if the string to be parsed by json::value::parse starts with the BOM (byte order mark) an web::json::json_exception is thrown. Is the BOM unsupported? Thanks, Pedro

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Error with cpprest desktop for platform toolset v140

I am trying to run a basic example for http_listener and I am getting the following runtime error: The procedure entry point ?_CallInContext@_ContextCallback@details@Concurrency@@QBEXV?$function@$...

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uri_exception is thrown when uri contains square brackets

uri_builder in windows_request_context::read_headers_io_completion throws web::uri_exception when the uri contains square brackets. The encode_uri method handles square brackets as general delimi...

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websock crash after long run.

I use websock for stock quote message. it crashed alway after 30 min to one hours run. the attached image is the print screen of the call stack when crashing. wish it helps.

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Process crashed after a long time run

The crash stack trace is like the following, it has nothing to do with the user code. I have a live repro in case you want to check. (gdb) bt 0 0x00007ffff6e1ae37 in raise () from /opt/hpcnodema...

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Build_iOS: add .gitignore

Hi, in Build_iOS folder, shouln't we add a .gitignore file, so as not to pollute our git status; e.g. boostoniphone/ boost.framework/ build.ios/ ios-cmake/ openssl/ OpenSSL-for-iPhone/ ...

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container_buffer does not track its size properly

If a container_buffer needs to extend the buffer to do an alloc() for write, but less than that is committed, buffer.size() and buffer.container.size() will include the empty space at the end. auto...

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