get error when connect to websocket via proxy

Hi, I used casablanca(development branch lastest commit) to connect with websocket server via proxy. websocket_callback_client client; websocket_client_config client_config; web::web_proxy wp(U(...

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Does C++ REST SDK support on ARM Cortex

Hi, Do we ave compiled version of this library using Keil compiler. We are planning to use this SDK on embedded device with ARM Cortex. Thanks, Naeem

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nullptr defined as NULL on g++

Using g++ with C++ Rest SDK redefines nullptr as NULL even if nullptr is available. In file include/cpprest/details/SafeInt3.hpp the following code is used to check if nullptr is available: if de...

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If Webserver is down exception not thrown in connect call

Hi Steve, a) As mentioned, am opening a fresh issue. The following code crashes my app on Windows 7 ( where casablanca is loaded as a dll ) if the webserver is not online auto current_context = ta...

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websocket_client_config ssl verify mode

Currently it's not possible to disable certificate validation for websockets, the only way to do is to change the cpprestsdk source code (which is not the best idea). It would be great to provide...

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pplx::task constructor should accept non-copiable lambdas

Original discussion: Inside the constructor for tasks, at least one copy is made of the passed lambda. This prevents capturing move-only resourc...

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http_listener (boost impl) - race closing with requests errors in some cases can cause AVs

I don't think the code for handling closing is entirely correct in non straightforward cases. If requests are in progress in error paths segmentation faults occur. I don't think this is particular ...

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Build fails on OS X 10.8.5 due to -Wnull-conversion

Hi, There is a problem while compiling CPPRest 2.3 on Mac OS X 10.8.5 with a conversion from NULL to nullptr_t: ... cpprest/astreambuf.h:524:42: error: implicit conversion of NULL constant to 'n...

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http_listener - read_to_end on request body into file stream hangs

Reported from the following discussion: I am able to reproduce on Ubuntu 64bit debug as well, see my forked repository in branch re...

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[android] Unittestpp has dependancy upon cpprest

When compiling for android, we use the symbol [TestRunner.cpp:51] namespace crossplat { extern std::atomic<JavaVM*> JVM; } to access the JVM from inside the unit test framework. This symbol is pro...

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