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Is there any requirements or prerequisite to use Casablanca?



I have already made an window desktop application with c++ rest sdk.

In order to publish, i did some testing my application on testing machines.

and.. i found a problem.
on Windows 7 64bits SP1.

http_client::request does not respond forever.
Other machines works correctly.

Is there any windows own prerequisite module to use it? (for example, dot net or ...)


gibshy wrote Dec 4, 2016 at 9:25 PM

The reason of this.

I used pplx::task as like a thread on my app. Casablanca did not respond unless the task finished.

I am developing my app on Windows 10. In this case, It works correctly.

However, on the some testing machines , including Windows 7 64bit SP1, are not working like my question.

So, i changed the task to std::thread to resolve that.