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Versioning and File Names

The C++ REST SDK uses the following naming convention for DLL, LIB and PDB files:

  • <name>: The name of the file, for now is cpprest .
  • <vs_version>: The name of the version of Visual Studio, 110 (Visual Studio 2012) or 120 (Visual Studio 2013).
  • [os_flavor]: (optional): The flavor of the targeted operating system or runtime, such as d_xp for Debug in XP and _app for Release in winrt (note leading underscore).
  • <library_version>: the underscore-separated library version major and minor values, such as 2_0. The C++ REST SDK library version is a triplet of {major , minor, revision}.
    • The revision changes are for small incremental fixes not requiring binary and source breaking changes. The revision therefore does not contribute to the library name.
    • The minor version change might require a source breaking change and almost certainly a binary breaking change.
    • The major version change occurs as a result of the addition (or deprecation) of major features and API sets.
  • <extension>: one of dll, lib or pdb.

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