Linux Sample App

Mar 20 at 7:12 PM
Most of the info I have found is for visual c++ but I am trying to write a server on linux that receives REST requests and acts as a client to hit other REST services, parse the result and then send the json back to the caller.

First question: Is this the correct framework for my server ?
Second question: Is there a "hello world" makefile anyone can share with me, so I can start building with g++
Mar 20 at 7:24 PM
I just found the samples directory, I can figure it out from there.
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Jul 31 at 3:34 AM
Hi i need to create c++ restful service on fedora Linux and deploy it on tomcat server.
is rest sdk is suitable for me? i am using netbeans so c++ rest sdk works with netbeans? otherwiseshould i use vs code ? can you share the link of the samples directory?