error code 110, message: Failed to read response body

Mar 27, 2016 at 4:28 AM

I have a piece of code sending and getting data from a web site. Unfortunately, I cannot post the code but here is what is going on:
  1. I send a request (GET) to get down some data, all ok.
  2. I send up some data, I get back some data, all ok.
  3. I send up a delete command (DEL) and it works OK in Windows where I get back http code 204 (this is the expected response), but in Linux I get back the message in the subject, after a few seconds. I code and test in Windows but I deploy the code in Linux so I it will be difficult to debug in Linux.
    Anyone knows what can generate inside cpp rest sdk this code and the message? I am not even sure if this is an http code (if so what does it mean?).